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Ancient Horizons Serving Tray

Ancient Horizons Serving Tray
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"A surreal 3D play on perspective created in Vue. In the background is a quiet medieval city street in late afternoon, the warm glow of the setting sun enhanced by the lamps burning along the walls. Half-timbered houses and inns with thatched roofs line the street, and behind them is visible against the sky a tall, square tower with four corner turrets. This large-scale scene merges into a smaller foreground still life showing a desk littered with books. The books are as tall as the stone wall and houses they lean against, and the cobblestone street fades smoothly into the wood grain of the table. In addition to the books there sits on the desk a feather pen and ink bottle, a compass, an hourglass, a mounted magnifying glass, and a parchment letter with an official seal. Two candles light the desk with a soft glow as the lamps light the street."

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