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About Me

My Life

I'm Hannah Joy Patterson. I'm originally from Greenville, South Carolina, but I grew up in Japan where my parents were missionaries. I've since resettled in Greenville again, where I work at BJU Press, which sells Christian textbooks. After studying church music in college, and then doing accounting and other office jobs for a while, I've finally found what I think is my niche in web design, which I was interested in for years and finally taught myself.

My Artwork

I've been creating digital artwork since 2008. After starting in photography and photo-manipulation, I got interested in working with fractals and abstracts, particularily designs involving metalwork and gems. I was also interested in digital landscapes, and when I found that most of the pictures I liked most had been made with Vue, from E-On Software, I chose that program to invest in and learn how to use. Today most of my artwork is made in Vue, but I still sometimes like to play around with fractals and filigree.


My Assistants

These are Dusky and Chickadee. They keep me company, get in front of my computer screen whenever they think I should be doing something more important (like petting or feeding them), and occasionally model for me. I do have other family and friends, but they probably wouldn't appreciate me putting their pictures and descriptions up here.…